Gateway Foundation employs a web form application for all three funding priorities. Please review the below detailing of questions by priority in preparation for your submission.

Grants & Project Support
  • Organizational Narrative
    • Mission Statement
    • History
    • Audience
    • Statement On Diversity
  • Project Description
  • Project Budget

Sculpture Loan
  • Organizational Narrative
    • Mission Statement
    • History
  • Location Description
    • Geographic Position
    • Audience or Expected Traffic

Required Attachments For All Applications
Board of Directors or Officers List / Most recent IRS letter indicating the Agency's Tax-Exempt status / Most recent audited financial statement / Operating income and expense budget / Balance sheet / Recent contributors list (foundations, corporations or individuals).

Additional Attachments Required Of Grant And Project Proposals
Sources of project income (real and projected) with dollar amounts

Additional Attachments Required Of Loan Proposals
Photographs of location from different vantage points / Letter of Support from owner of property.

Supplemental Materials
Attachments that might help to inform Gateway about the nature of the project or organization, such as: reviews, press clippings, site photos or design renderings.

The Board of Trustees meets three times annually, in January, May and September. For consideration there are three deadlines over the course of a year: December 1 for the January Board Meeting / April 1 for the May Board Meeting / August 1 for the September Board Meeting.

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